Linda K. Sienkiewicz


Love, lust, and family secrets: Linda K. Sienkiewicz writes about ordinary people on extraordinary journeys of self-discovery.


My novel, IN THE CONTEXT OF LOVE, will be published in 2015 by BuddhaPuss Ink LLC

Angelica Schirrick wonders how her life could have gotten so far off track. Recently divorced from her felon husband, their two children in tow, she begins a journey of self-discovery that leads her back home to Ohio, where family secrets burn like swallowed coal. Is it ever too late to find your path in life—to leave your past and the truth that haunts you behind? Can a first love, once lost, then found again, become lasting and true? How can Angelica end the lies? These are the questions at the heart of Linda Sienkiewicz’s In the Context of Love.

 Jacquelyn Mitchard, best-selling author of Deep End of the Ocean, says: “With humor and tenderness, but without blinking, Linda K. Sienkiewicz turns her eye on the predator-prey savannah of the young and still somehow hopeful.”

“Linda’s writing is arresting. She grabs you on page one and pulls you through the story with speed, never once losing her grip on your attention,” says MaryChris Bradley, Publisher at Buddhapuss Ink. “Her work is a worthy addition to our rapidly growing list and we’re delighted to have her with us.”



“In her dynamic first novel, Linda K. Sienkiewicz takes the reader on a wild rollercoaster ride through love’s lowest lows and highest highs, from dark acts of sexual violence to kisses that taste like freedom.” – Author Elizabeth Searle, Girl Held in Home 

“Linda K. Sienkiewicz’s short story, ‘Family Secrets,’ is a gem of comic action and pacing, with a handful of characters, one shadier than the next.” – Joan Silverman, Portland Press Herald

“Linda has a special talent for finding the surprising detail that brings a character to life.” – Author Michael C. White, Beautiful Assasin

“Linda K. Sienkiewicz’s chapbook, Security, is powerful and arresting, an exploration of the violence of living. Through precise detail and fully realized moments, the poems of Security interrogate survival and the everyday, and the relationships that make up human experience…” – Callista Buchen at Prick of the Spindle.